PS3 launch: This was waiting

April 2006
Be shocked! Amazed! As Sony hits out with a double-whammy of good news, claiming that the predicted bank-busting price of PlayStation 3 would actually be a real bloody bargain, before strapping down MotorStorm, Strangehold and Resistance: Fall of Man for the console's launch line-up. Well, two out of three 'aint bad...

May 2006
Another E3, another big unveiling. This time, Sony appeared to douse the internet inferno campaigning against PS3's boomerang-shaped controller (despite no one in the world having actually used it) by introducing the Sixaxis motion-sensitive controller. Although, as is their want, the 'net kiddies soon found something else to bash Sony with, pointing at the controller's capabilities and shrieking "Copycat!".

Above: There was only one winner in this E3's Wii vs. PS3 standoff, and it wasn't Sony

Meanwhile, though developers were explaining that there's little real difference between PS3 and 360's visual performance, the crowds still deserted Sony's stand in favour of Nintendo's super-fun Wii. More troubling, we spoke to developers who didn't even know Sixaxis had lost the ability to rumble. Although apparently Sixaxiscould have rumbled if Sony wanted it to.

Elsewhere it was announced that the UK wouldn't see the lower-grade 20gb version (or would we?) of PS3's two models - you remember, the two models Harrison said would be too confusing. Except, the 20gb version would be rubbish - or would it?. Finally, there was more launch line-up talk, a £425 price tag touted, worries about second-hand bans that probably wouldn't happen, and a now preposterous claim from Sony that the first PS3s created would be destined for UK shelves.


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