PS3 Fight Night footage: 123 punches in 150 seconds

We've given motorbike riders mountain-sized migraines in MotorStorm, mangled marvelous machines in Formula One: Championship Edition and caused millions of virtual dollars' worth of crash damage in Burnout Revenge. Now it's time to flatten some faces in Fight Night: Round 3 on PlayStation 3.

Click the Movies tab above and click on "Fight Night Round 3: 123 punches in 150 seconds - 02-01-07" for 150 seconds of teeth-loosening, jaw-breaking, eye-cutting action. A word of warning - it's not for the faint-hearted. There's blood. There's sweat. And there would probably be tears if only these boxers were conscious enough to cry 'em. A thug's sport played by gentlemen, you say? Try telling that to these guys.

Above: Ouch

February 1, 2007