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  • Ribbit King

    Hit a frog with a mallet and, if the RSPCA have a go at you, tell them Atari made you ...

  • I-Ninja

    Ninja games are nothing new but you won't have played one quite like this. Wax on, wax off, it is ...

  • kill.switch

    Edge takes a tour of duty in the land known as millisecond massacre. Respawn and die... again

  • King Arthur

    PSM2 finds that a legend perfect for videogames is spat on by cynical, fast-buck-making men in suits. Damn their hides

  • Kessen III

    LOTR-esque strategy, but set in Japan with less orcs and more sexy ladies. PSM2 investigates...

  • Haunting Ground

    Edge takes a walk with faithful hound Hewie, only to find itself in the middle of Capcom's latest survival horror

  • Katamari Damacy

    Edge play around with a super-sticky ball and conclude it's a refreshing return to focused gaming

  • Transformers

    Since when did childhood franchises improve with age, asks Edge

  • Urban Reign

    The pain in Urban Reign stays mainly in the game. Yes, the scrolling beat-'em-up revival continues apace...

  • Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

    The globe-trotting Cooper Gang expands its roster and horizons as it tackles its biggest caper ever

  • Sonic Heroes

    It's number one in the charts for a second week... but what do we make of its new team-driven approach?

  • Van Helsing

    PSM2 takes on Dracula, Quasimodo and the Wolfman... and lives to tell the tale

  • Smash Court Tennis Pro Tourney 2

    PSM2 finds that Namco's latest racquet-fest just got a whole lot better

  • Under The Skin

    The unpretentious and innovative gameplay is like a bucket of water perched atop a doorframe, reckons Edge

  • Sonic Mega Collection Plus

    PSM2 explores the 'hog-shaped compendium of retro memories