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  • The Punisher

    PSM2 readies itself for the most shamelessly brutal action title on PS2. This is violence at its most... violent

  • Jak 3

    Pop goes the weasels as the furry-freak brothers sandstorm into action for their final time, says GamesMaster

  • Gran Turismo 4

    More cars than you could possibly eat, in the tastiest driving game since... ever, enthuses PSM2

  • Devil May Cry 3

    The devil may be crying but you won't be when you see what Dante's been up to, says GamesMaster

  • The Punisher

    Is this the most brutal game ever? We visit developers Volition to take a close-up view of the pure, unadulterated ...

  • Cold Fear

    Designed to make you really wet yourself. You'll be all at sea with this one - but is it a ...

  • Tekken 5

    Tekken's 10 years old! GamesMaster celebrates with jelly, ice cream and a few punches...

  • Devil May Cry 3

    Last year, it seemed the only developer unable to imitate Devil May Cry was Capcom. But third time's the charm, ...

  • Call of Duty: Finest Hour

    PSM2 battles furiously against the Nazi war machine... again! Only this time it's about survival, patriotism and making a difference

  • TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

    The future will see another instalment of the first-person shooter that doesn't take itself too seriously, predicts PSM2

  • Rainbow Six Lockdown

    Xbox World wonders what on earth we'll do if they ever win the war on terror

  • Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

    Leap out of the dark with PSM2 and poke a bad guy with a sharp thing. The Fisher-man is back...

  • TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

    Monkeys, mummies, maniacs and mutants all make a triumphant return and Edge is here to investigate

  • Enthusia Professional Racing

    The man behind Rage Racer takes the road less travelled and comes up with a driving sim with G-force included. ...

  • Project Snowblind

    Don't brush this off as 'just another FPS' - there's more to Project Snowblind than meets the eye, reckons PSM2


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