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  • Transformers

    PSM2 ponders the allure of a 20 foot robot that shoots nukes and changes into a Lamborghini

  • Transformers

    The two-trick ponies of the toy world return and are destined to be a summer hit, reckons GamesMaster

  • Richard Burns Rally

    PSM2 gets behind the wheel and discovers it's as difficult as driving a real rally car along a cliff edge ...

  • Juiced

    Edge hangs with the street racer that flaunts fast cars, driving tricks and cruising with a crew

  • Cold Winter

    Could this be PS2's best ever first-person shooter? PSM2 certainly think so...

  • Mashed

    Left, right, stop, go... and fire - it's a simple formula that still works today, says Edge

  • Final Fantasy XI

    FFXI finally makes it to American PS2s, so Edge revisits Vana'diel in a quest to fathom its online charms

  • Athens 2004

    PSM2 prepare their thumbs of steel to take on possibly the hardest game in the world

  • Burnout 3

    Edge slams the pedal to the metal in the latest from Criterion - a UK developer unquestionably at the top ...

  • Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

    The human race is on the verge of extinction... Call in the Brotherhood, screams Max magazine

  • Spider-Man 2

    This makes you believe that you're a genuine, arachnid superhero, says PSM2

  • Fight Night 2004

    EA's latest fist-fest aims to eliminate button-bashing for good. PSM2 finds out if it succeeds...

  • Burnout 3

    Buckle up for the brilliant third helping of PS2's most dangerous racer, advises Max magazine

  • Killzone

    We go hands-on with the much-vaunted FPS. But is it really Sony's answer to Halo... or something else entirely?

  • TimeSplitters Future Perfect

    EA's shooter out-dazzles Medal of Honor, out-plays GoldenEye and might be one of the best games on PS2, enthuses PSM2

  • Devil May Cry 3

    After the travesty of its predecessor, can the series' demonic spawn be saved from total destruction, asks PSM2

  • Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition

    Rockstar's street racer is back - but will the Club's third outing dub be good to me?

  • Devil May Cry 3

    The speed and style of Dante's fighting has left Playstation World quite dazed. Good news, then

  • The Getaway: Black Monday

    Gather round for the low-down on the gangland shooter as GamesMaster get the exclusive inside story

  • Brothers In Arms

    In the mud and rain of a Normandy field, Edge catches up with Gearbox Software to find out about their ...


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