Prototype bests GTA IV

9. Board helicopters like the T-1000 on crack
You can fly helicopters in both GTA IV and Prototype. Niko will probably need to take his Ovaltine before boarding a chopper in a calm and orderly fashion. But Mercer just doesn’t have the time for that. He only likes to board helicopters that are in the air and firing missiles at him.

Above: After tossing pilot number one aside like a used condom, Mercer will dive into the cockpit and eject pilot number two in the form of a bloody milkshake

10. It’s fantastic and realistic

We can’t wait to play both GTA IV and Prototype. But despite our love for Rockstar’s road raging franchise, we can’t help having more interest in playing Prototype. Can you blame us for wanted to suck bloody bits of marrow and meat into our bodies instead of filling out resumes or wanting to wall run and soar across the skyline instead of catching cabs?

It may seem like our greater interest in Prototype is a simple matter of preference for fantasy over reality, for a superhero over a hero. But it’s the way, Prototype’s plot, which promises to draw on current issues like natural disasters, epidemics, the over extension of government power, abuse of the media, and civil unrest that gives the game both a fantastic and realistic draw.

“It’s really important that we situate [Prototype] in a reality and add this one fantastic element of this real-time shape-shifting power. Not set it on the planet Mars in 2050, but to actually make it real to people,” explained producer, Tim Bennison.

We’ve got a lot more to say about both [GTA IV] and [Prototype], don’t forget to check out the latest screens by giving the Images tab above a click.


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