Project Treasure Island Z - first look hands-on

We do have some reservations. For a kiddie game, this one's pretty unforgiving. Mess up even slightly and you'll usually be kicked right back to the start of the level. We must have played the same castle level half a dozen times. Solving the remote puzzles was a blast, but memorizing the timing of the moonlight and avoiding crumbling tiles in the floor between the remote puzzles got real frustrating real fast. Project TIZ could potentially be too difficult for children, but that could also make it the perfect game for children to play with their parents. That might make up for the lack of true multiplayer. Plus, kids learning and working together as a team with their family... in a videogame? That's a Nintendo television commercial in the making.

Project Treasure Island Z is scheduled for release this fall. Check out our screens and gameplay video to get a better idea of the innovation and immersion in store.


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