Project Treasure Island Z - first look hands-on

Project TIZ is also taking advantage of the Wii's unique ability to immerse the player completely into the game, to merge their real-life actions with that of their virtual avatar. So, unlike WarioWare: Smooth Moves, you do not receive a tutorial for each and every use of the remote. Most of the time, figuring out exactly what you're supposed to do with the controller is completely up to you. Imagination and creativity will be crucial, as will placing yourself in the space of the character onscreen.

It's harder than it sounds. We're so accustomed to hitting the same buttons with the same fingers and holding our controllers in the same position that trying something completely new just to see if it works can be intimidating and a little embarrassing. We were pretty sure at one point that we needed to shake a tree to get something to fall out, but we really didn't want to start waving our wand about wildly and end up being wrong. On the other hand, once you've let go of your inhibition, the freedom to experiment can be exhilarating.

Take the column puzzle we solved to receive an important key. Three circular pieces needed to be stacked in a particular order. Our classic videogame knowledge taught us to look around for a guide and, sure enough, a picture on the wall revealed what the column should look like when completed. Problem was, the patterns didn't match at all. We stared for a minute, dumbstruck, until we realized the pattern was simply upside down. And, lo and behold, if we turned the Wii remote upside down, the circular piece would follow suit. Then, when the resulting key didn't fit its lock, we managed to turn the remote backwards so that we could stick the opposite and correct end of the key into the door. Satisfying, "eureka" moments like these are what the Wii was designed for and what we hope Project TIZ can deliver consistently.


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