Available on: PS1

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Project Overkill Cheats

  • Life Refill:

    Square (Hold), O, X, Triangle, (Release Square), O (Hold), Square, X,Triangle, (Release Square)
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  • Cloak:Triangle

    (Hold), Square, O, O, Square, (Release Triangle), X (Hold),Triangle, Triangle, (Release X).Speed Up:Up (Hold), Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, (Release Up), Down (Hold),X, Square, O, (Release Down).
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  • Maximum Ammo:

    O (Hold), Square, Triangle (Hold), X, O (Hold), X, X (Hold), Triangle.
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  • End Level:

    X, Up, Down, Up, Square (Hold), Triangle, Triangle (Hold), X.
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  • Test Mode:

    Left, Right, Right, Left, X (Hold), Triangle, Triangle (Hold), X.:
    On the hive level (on the mid-north part of the map) with all the big insect monsters, after you kill the queen, don't go into the red exit you initially find. Walk behind it, avoiding the middle part that warps you out.Instead, activate the head sculpture on the wall (the one with one red eye).It will open another area with another exit. Take this exit and you canaccess the Ruins level on the map.
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