Project Origin

This time your foes will be a group of actual flesh and blood humans; one new weapon specifically targets heads and lights ‘em up like big hairy matches - when this happens, your victim understandably goes a bit wobbly and makes like a headless chicken. A screaming, crying headless chicken. On fire.

The improved AI and gruesome weaponry should be well-suited for the promised change from FEAR’s boring, endless corridors. Monolith promises that the shoebox feel will be no more, and much of the action will take place in the wreckage of the city’s streets and plazas.

As for Alma, the victim of Armacham’s sick and twisted experiments in the original, well, she’s making her presence felt in a series of gruesome sequences. You won’t be left in any doubt as to Project Origin’s DNA. She’ll pop up uttering dismembered nursery rhymes as she turns those caught in her way into man-broth, and doubtless the lights will start going funny as well. There may well be random flames too.

Despite some competition in the paranormal shooter field, Origin’s impressive pedigree - the AI, the truly satisfying gunplay - is first class, but we’re hoping that all the additional visual flair and level design tweaks we’ve been promised make it to the final code.


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