Available on: PS2

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Project Eden Cheats

  • Cheat mode

    During play,press X to bring up the team and hold select,push the left analogue stick up,and rotate it a full three turns clockwise, then IMMEDIATELY rotate it a full three times anti-clockwise.let go of select,and a new icon will have appeared underneath the log this for all cheats!!(it is sometimes hard to see, so go to the log icon and press down. the name will appear on the screen as 'cheat menu'.
    Submitted by Kathryn
  • Temporary Invincibility

    message: when playing as any of the four team members and you are fighting near a regen point go in front of the regen point and start shooting. the enemy will shoot you but the damage will not be sustained..
    Submitted by Jonny wb

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Available Platforms: PS2