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Pro Rally 2001 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Pro Rally 2001 Cheats

  • Player Name Cheats

    BUIN - Get All Championships

    PAC - Get 10 secs of punishment

    CHOUNI - All Opponents ROSA

    IVAN LLANAS - Get All Training modes

    ALCAPARRA - 2X repair time

    RICITOS - All Arcade modes
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  • Various Cheats

    Type these in during gameplay

    IHATEDAMGS - 0 Damage

    SICILIANDV - Autopilot

    NPVITAMINC - No Punishment

    CREDITCARD - Get 280 secs of repair

    2YOUNG2DIE - Fast Interuptions

    TORPEDONOW - Fast acceleration

    REPAIRMEPZ - Instant repairs
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