Prey 2 trailer sets the scene for a fantastic sequel despite not showing any of the actual game

Planes, brains and alienmobiles

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Prey 2 is coming and the first trailer is in. But while it doesn't show a single frame of actual gameplay, the live-action teaser sets the scene perfectly for a scary-as-hell adventure full of violence, extraterrestrial encounters and presumably, men who like behaving like four-year-olds. And it's got a massive advantage over its predecessor - it hasn't been in development for over a decade. Check it out right here:

Why is the shorter production time a good thing? The game should, in theory, feel much more modern. Prey was cutting edge when it was first shown off back in 1995, as its portal technology was genuinely new. But it was delayed for so long, by the time it came out, you could tell that it wasn't designed with the Xbox 360 in mind. Then Portal came along and made Prey's greatest trick obsolete, which pretty much buried it. That's not to say we didn't like the bit where you come out of one and you're tiny.

It's always hard to tell how good a game is going to be when the trailer contains live action footage and no gameplay graphics at all, but the 'close encounter' concept is neat. The original game started off with lead man Tommy being abducted by aliens (who took the whole roof of a bar clean off) but then got bogged down in ugly-looking alien spaceship environments. The new game will reportedly feature "an open, alien world" according to project lead, Chris Rhineheart, so hopefully we'll have more to look at this time.

It's unlikely the new game will let us play this actual plane scene, as it looks like everyone on board dies horribly. But that never stopped CoD, so who knows? The game isn't out until next year, but will be appearing on PlayStation 3 this time, as well as 360 and PC as before. We'll be watching this one like a hawk (groan) to see just how far it's come on.

16 Mar, 2011


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