Previews Roundup

Touch-Master DS
Out: Summer

Touch-Master is a series of bar games built to withstand a pawing by beer-sticky fingers. On DS it will be less robust but equally simple, with card games, puzzles and trivia to keep fans occupied while the bars are closed.

Above: Touch-Master games on the left, unhappy cakeless Cake Mania customers on the right

Cake Mania
Out: March

Although it sounds like the kind of thing that could only come from Japan, this is as American as a freshly nuked McDonald’s apple pie in a cardboard tube with the warning “contents may be hot” stamped on the side. You play Jill, a novice baker, and your job is to keep your customers satisfied as they sit around tables in the world’s only live-action cake shop. Do it right and you get to go on vacation.


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