President Obama’s favourite films

You might not have heard yet, but Barack Obama is the new leader of the free world.

In the post-election media blather, plenty of people have been asking questions about the challenges ahead for O-ba-ma. 

How's he going to convert his promises into policies? Who’s going to fill his cabinet? How long will it take for his hair to turn white after he reads the secret CIA Files on terrorists and robots and zombies and that?

But, most importantly, what are his favourite films and what might they mean for the rest of the world? We'll take this one...

Lawrence Of Arabia (1962)

Maverick British soldier attempts to unite Arab world, becomes legend.

What does it mean?
Essentially Obama’s ‘Yes we can!’ mantra in film form – Lawrence’s combination of pure willpower and tough hope ensures he achieves his goals, uniting disparate parties and reclaiming lost land in the process.

If Obama learns the right lessons from Larry, he’ll bring peace to the Middle East (for a bit). Then move on to the tougher proposition of uniting the Senate.


One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)
Convict pretends to be crazy to dodge prison, ends up in an asylum where he helps inmates find freedom and a sense of self worth.

What does it mean? Barack isn’t your typical politician; he’s bright eyed and full of optimism, with a desire to bring sanity to an out of control government. He understands that hope is hugely important, especially when people are confined by circumstance.

He's already started to change attitudes, and as long as the House Of Representatives don’t end up lobotomising him, we reckon he'll be just fine.


Casablanca (1942)
World War II, Africa. An exiled American freedom fighter is reunited with the love of his life. But what’s more important: the girl or the cause?

What does it mean?
Barack Obama isn’t afraid of an unhappy ending. He’s prepared to take risks to get things done and he won’t let even true love get in the way of his life’s mission. Watch out, Michelle - there might be a few date-night cancellations in your near future.

Godfather I (1972) and II (1974)
The American dream through a mirror darkly – Mafia men take over the American underworld, gathering wealth and influence along the way.

What does it mean? Barack’s fast rise to power is no accident. He’s learnt from the best: the Corleones. Still, thank goodness he hasn't taken their story too literally, or John McCain might have woken up with Sarah Palin's head in his bed.

Like JFK before him, Obama seems to be fascinated by the mob. Here’s hoping his story has a happier third act.

[Source: Barack Obama's Facebook ]


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