Pre-E3 06: Dawn of Mana

With this vibrant new 3D world to play around in, Dawn of Mana delivers an environment in which most of the things you see are totally bashable. We saw the hero of the game swing a sword around, killing monsters by the boatload, but we also gazed in wonder as he used some kind of whip/grappling hook to toss around a humongous wrecking ball. It's pretty clear why Square touts "touch" as the theme of this game - consider you "touch" things and they crumble to bits.

From what we saw, Dawn of Mana was seriously action-packed for a fantasy game. As the heir to one of the most acclaimed action/RPGs in Nintendo's long history of awesome action/RPGs (um... perhaps you've heard of a little lady named Zelda?), Dawn of Mana has some big shoes to fill. If the snippet of film we saw is any indication, it could mean that the PS2 is in for another sweet Square Enix title.

May 8, 2006