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Powerslide Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    Type in cheats while you are playing, and an icon will appear in the top right of the screen.

    APOLLO: When activated, hold down the alt key to float
    BLAST: Repels other cars.
    BOMB: Launches a bomb from your car onto the track.
    BURN: Briefly ignites a spot near your car.
    GLIDER: When in the air, car controls like a glider.
    HOVER: Cars hover.
    ICBM: Car acts like a missile.
    JUMP: Each time, jumps car several feet in the air.
    LAUNCH: Hit "a" to launch a car, "z" to move in the direction you're facing.
    LIGHT: Lighter car.
    LUNAR: Lunar gravity.
    SLEEP: AI cars don't steer, they just accelerate.
    SLIPPY: Slippery surfaces.
    SPIDER: Car adheres to any surface.
    STICKY: Stick surfaces.
    SUCK: Cars gravitate towards each other.
    TIMEWARP: Slows time for AI opponents.
    TWISTER: AI cars get whipped around by an invisible tornado.
    WARP: Other cars crawl over track.
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  • Level Select

    Levels Name to Enter
    Advanced Jeff
    Expert AaronFoo
    All Megasaxon
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  • Get All Cars and Tracks

    Put your name in as RAVIOLI. Now go to Multiplayer mode and select tcp/ix (i think). Then Select up the top Cheats and Supercar. Now down the bottom select the car you want, it's colour and your track you'd like to race. Exit the multiplayer mode and instantly select RACE!. WARNING: if you press cars or tracks in single mode you'll stuff the cheat.
    You'll Race alone on any track with any car!
    You'll have to do this every time you start up Powerslide.
    Submitted by Jarrad Trunfull

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