Available on: PS1

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Powerslave Cheats

  • Dolphin Mode (swim faster and jump out of water)

    During play press Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Cross, Cross, Circle, Circle
    Submitted by Chris
  • Vulture Mode (fly)

    During play press Circle, R1, R2, Square, Right, L1, L2, Left
    Submitted by Chris
  • All Guns and infinite ammo

    Go to the first level pause the game and push x,circle,triangle,L2,R2. you will hear a a dong and exit the level then go back to it and you will have all guns and infinite ammo.
    Submitted by Chris
  • All Levels Keys and Items

    Use controller 2 at the World Map and press Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Right, Down, Up, Left. Now press select to get the sub menu. You press Select + Square to add items and Circle to delete items
    Submitted by poo
  • Hidden Dolls

    Dolls are hiddden throughout the game. You collect 10 to get Dolphin Mode and 14 to get Vulture Mode
    Submitted by poo
  • Grenade-propelled jump

    Obtain the Horus Feather. Jump and float just above the ground. Look down and throw a grenade. The explosion will push you upwards. This trick may best be put to use on the second to last level (Kilmaat Colony) to skip to the ending. Go to the room relatively early in the level that contains a bridge with lasers on either side. Look up and to the left to find the exit camel. Hover over to the ground right below the camel and use a grenade to propel your character upwards. Hover and move forwards at the height of the jump to reach the camel.
    Submitted by poo

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