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Power Quest Cheats, Codes & Guides

Power Quest Cheats

  • Level 4 parts and national tournament

    To get up to the national tournament with
    level 4 parts go to continue and type in
    the code as .star-F-X-T
    NOTE:when you type in this code your model
    will be AXE.
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • 5000

    If you want to get $5000 first beat the gang leader then go to the left side of the screen all the way and in one place press "a" and you will get it!
    Submitted by Adamj2789
  • Ultimate Game

    For National Tournament, Level 4 parts, Health Pack, Power Pack and 999999 credits type in 5-1-R-7
    at the continue screen.
    Submitted by phillip lovatt
  • Lon with Wings?

    If you have Lon, press start and then a,b,a,b,^,^,b, and then press start, Lon can fly for 10 seconds.
    Submitted by None
  • 83,000 credits and all special items

    Put,in,these codes in continue G,L,V,STAR 5,L,T,7
    and you'll have 80,000 and all special items
    Submitted by cool-dude237

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