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    Fish Eye Lens:Triangle+Square+Circle, L1, L2, R2, R1.
    -Interactive Tracks:Left+Circle, Down+Triangle, Right+Square.
    -Invisible Car: Square+Circle, L2+R2, Square+Circle, L1+R1, Square+Circle.
    -Mad Race:Up, Left, Right+Select
    User Car Jumps:Square, Circle, Square
    All Car Jump:Up+Square, Up+Circle, Up+Square, Up+Circle,Up+Square, Up+Circle, Up+Square.
    High Voices:Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle
    Unlimited Tries:L1+L2, R1+R2+Square
    Test Driver Available: Right+Square, Left+Select+Circle.
    Tune Test Driver:Left+Circle, Right+Select+Square.
    Hyper Car:Select+Square, Select+Circle, Select+Square+Circle.
    Mirror Mode:Left+Circle, Down+Triangle, Right+Square.
    -Interactive Tracks:Down+Start, Up+Start, Select, Start.
    Long Tracks:Up+Select, Down+Select, Start, Select.
    End Game FMV:Square, Circle, Left+Select, Right+Select
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Available Platforms: PS1


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