Poor man's games

Street Racing Syndicate is the Poor man's Need for Speed

At the most base, crass level these two can be separated by the quality of their poster girls - while Need for Speed can boast Kelly Brook, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Josie Maran, SRS has a bunch of ex- and current soft porn actresses, the best know of which is Kaila Yu, whose career peak was playing "Cowgirl at Starting Grid" in The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift.

The over-emphasis on surgically-effected models, in place to obscure the sub-standard street racing, was ultimately SRS 's downfall; promoting a game with harshly-lit bikini shots just made it look cheap and dirty. The ability to "win" girlfriends and then force them to "dance" for you in a grubby warehouse was just plain disturbing.

Above: On the shelf, the label looked like Need for Speed, but now that you've got it home and looked at it properly, it says Street Racing Syndicate


  • D0CCON - February 27, 2010 5:52 a.m.

    Gotta love how the poor man's game still cost just as much as the good version.
  • GrayFox161 - January 7, 2010 12:25 p.m.

    Winback... What a crappy name...
  • linkganon - October 16, 2009 2:08 a.m.

    nobody will ever be able to outthrone metal gear solid except of course another metal gear solid. ah, hideo, you have to have long cutscenes which is a long rant, in which everybody makes no sense, and i guess raiden doesn't understand the ending of the second one eather, he might have intended to confuse you in order to put you in raiden's shoes.
  • RandomSamurai13 - August 31, 2009 5:34 p.m.

    That Street Racing Cyndicate sounds almost creepy, "Winning girlfriends" is almost justifiable, but making them dance clearly shows the distrubed nature of the developers. Who the hell makes their girlfriend dance?
  • WoodyWoodrowAndThePanfluteOfDestiny - August 31, 2009 2:20 p.m.

    hamstets rule
  • musashi1596 - August 31, 2009 12:33 p.m.

    Dogz is the poor mans Nintendogs? Fair enough, but the latter was hardly stellar material to begin with, so I shudder to think of the quality of the former.
  • hybrid616 - September 20, 2009 1:53 p.m.

    @darklinkinfinite. actually, MGS1 had the pop out and shoot mechanic. and also the laser sight. granted, you couldn't use it in first person, but it was there to help you aim with the overhead camera... did you assume they meant MGS2 because they used that picture? they used it because they were both on PS2.
  • darklinkinfinite - August 31, 2009 11:51 p.m.

    I wonder if they realize that Winback on the PS2 is an updated port of an N64 game released in 1999, two years before Metal Gear Solid 2 and actually introduced the pop out and shoot w/ laser site mechanic that MGS2 would later itself use.

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