Pokemusings, week 26

Our last Pokemon gift suggestion is kind of a gag. This Pikachu lamp looks ridiculous... but it's so ridiculous that we start laughing after looking at it for more than five seconds. It's kitschy and cheesy, but in an amusing way. Furthermore, it looks like Pikachu has a stick up its butt and is happy about it.

Anyway! It's time for us to do the giving. To get in the holiday spirit, we're going to cool it down by giving away some excellent ice Pokemon. First up is Lapras. One of our favorite Pokemon from the original game, Lapras still makes a formidable addition to your team these days. Next up is Delibird. This ice fowl looks weird and more than a bit silly, but it's also a pain in the butt to catch. We'll save you the trouble by just giving it away. For a chance to win these Pokemon, head on over to our Pokemon general discussion forums and look for a thread called "Pokemusings #26: Win a Lapras and a Delibird!!!" Good luck shopping everyone!


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