Pokemusings, week 24

Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

Plot: Hundreds of years in the past, there were two warring kingdoms. Lucario served a warrior named Aaron that was trying to stop the war. Aaron stops the war, sacrificing himself. Before doing so, he encases Lucario in a Crystal. Lucario thinks he's being betrayed, but he's really being protected. Back in present times, Ash and pals are attending the equivalent of a Renaissance Fair that celebrates Sir Aaron's heroics. Of course, Lucario is freed from his prison, Mew causes mischief, legendary Pokemon cause problems, and Ash has to save the day from a natural disaster involving creepy crystals.

Star Pokemon: Lucario and Mew

Enemy Pokemon: Regice, Regirock, Registeel

Why it Rules: Out of all the Pokemon movies, this one has the most mature plot. In addition to the standard "save the day" stuff, it deals with trust, betrayal, sacrifice, forgiveness, mysticism, and even some sci-fi elements. We were surprised at how different it was from the others and we very much enjoyed it. All that serious stuff aside, Lucario pretty much kicks ass as the Bruce Lee of Pokemon. There's even a touching moment with Team Rocket: Jessie and James are about to bite it from the creepy crystals when they release their Pokemon and implore them to save themselves.

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