Pokemusings, week 23

Pokemon 3: The Movie

Plot: A stupid little girl imagines things through the power of Unown. She imagines her missing father is an Entei. She commands Entei to kidnap Delia Ketchum (Ash's mom) to serve as a replacement mom. Oh yeah, she also transformed their mansion into a menacing crystalline fortress. It's up to Ash to penetrate the ridiculous fortress, stop this ridiculous girl, and save us from this ridiculous plot.

Star Pokemon: Entei and numerous Unown

Enemy Pokemon: There isn't really a "bad guy" in this movie, but the imaginary Entei is Ash's biggest problem.

Above: This movie stars a BS Entei. Yay!

Why this movie sucks: First of all, this isn't really an Entei. It's a stupid, imaginary Entei conjured up by a stupid little girl. Even if you brush aside the BS Pokemon, the plot is just preposterous. Unown are pretty awful Pokemon too; they're about as threatening as a vat of Alphabits. Outside of a cute subplot with Ash's Charizard, this move is just crap. It also doesn't teach kids any valuable lessons. What's the moral of the story? Don't imagine stupid crap that can hurt people?!?


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