Pokemusings, week 20

Below is a photo of Darth Pikachu. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Above: You've no hope against Darth Pikachu

Okay, all this scary stuff is tripping us out. Let's think about something positive, like giving away Pokemon! This week's Pokemusings giveaway consists of three Pokemon. They're the Johto starters! One lucky winner will walk away with an adorable Chikorita, a spunky Totodile, and a super cute Cyndaquil. For a chance to win these Pokemon, head on over to ourPokemon general discussion forums and look for a thread called "Pokemusings Week #20: Win the Johto Starters!!!" Be sure to join us next week when we look at a Pokemon that can only be called a "new-age annoyer."