PokemonRadar: week three

Pokemon Name: Toritodon
Type: Water / Ground
Classification: Sea Slug
Pokedex Number: 061 Sinnoh / 423 National
Ability: Sticky Hold - Prevents any held items from being stolen or removed. Water Lure - All Water-type attacks are drawn to this Pokemon.
Location Found: East Sinnoh, West Sinnoh
Useful Attacks: Muddy Stream

Those wee slugs were downright cute when they were young, but once they've evolved... it's a different story. These enormous slugs use their massive pseudopodia to get around, and prefer to play in mud. Once evolved, Toritodon gains a Ground type, negating damage from Electric-type attacks but doubling the effectiveness of Grass-type attacks. If it weren't such a useful technique, we'd be bored with it by now, after Wooper, Barboach and Marshtomp pulled the same trick.

Toritodon learns the new attack "Muddy Stream," a Water attack as powerful as Surf, with the added bonus of lowering the enemy's accuracy. Are the days of Surf's dominance finally numbered?



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