PokemonRadar: week three

Pokemon Name: Dokuroggu
Type: Poison / Fighting
Classification: Foul-mouthed Pokemon
Pokedex Number: 130 Sinnoh / 454 National
Ability: Dry Skin - Sunny Day lowers HP, while Rainy Day raises HP.
Anticipate Danger - Dodges super-effective attacks.
Location Found: Safari Zone
Useful Attacks: Poison Stab

This week's star is Dokuroggu, the evolved form of Gregguru. This sneering bruiser fights dirty and packs a poisonous punch, but has a number of other tricks up its... sleeves. Dokuroggu doesn't naturally learn many useful Fighting-type attacks, but its balance of Physical and Special Poison attacks and a wide array of Dark-type attacks ensure make it a formidable foe against any Psychic foes.