PokemonRadar, week nine

Welcome back to the Sinnoh region. Most of the new 'mon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have two evolutionary stages, and today we'll look at five more of them.

In other Pokemon news, Diamond and Pearl finally have an official US release date: April 22nd. If you don't have a DS Lite yet, this might be your final chance!

After the holidays have passed, we'll show these Pokemon's evolved forms. Happy holidays, everyone!

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Mitsuhoney
Type: Bug / Flying
Classification: Bee Larva
Pokedex Number: 053 Sinnoh / 415 National
Ability: Honey Collect - May find Sweet Honey after battle
Location Found: Found on aromatic trees
Useful Attacks: Gust

Mitsuhoney, a triple honeycomb bee Pokemon, can only be found on aromatic trees. While finding one in itself isn't that difficult, finding a female will test the patience of even the most devoted Pokemon trainers. Like real bees, males are the worker drones, while the females are destined for more. Male Mitsuhonies don't evolve at all, and learn all of two different moves.




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