PokémonRadar, Week 24

English Name: Palkia
Japanese Name: Parukia
Type: Dragon/Water
Classification: Space
Pokédex Number: 484 National
Ability: Pressure - Opponent uses 2 PP when attacking
Location Found: Spear Pillar
Useful Attacks: Spacial Rend

Naturally, this week the two star Pokémon are the two Pokémon on the cover of the games. First up is Palkia, Pearl's leading Pokémon, the creature that lords over space itself. Team Galactic revives Palkia in hopes of birthing a new universe in Sinnoh to overwrite its flawed existence, but is stopped by the combined power of Sinnoh's guardian spirits, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. While Palkia's type combination has been done before, it's a powerful one nonetheless, protecting Palkia from Ice attacks. Spacial Rend, Palkia's signature move, is a powerful Dragon-type attack with a high critical rate.

To see Palkia's moves in action on both Diamond and Pearl and the Wii's upcoming Battle Revolution, check out the video below. Watch out for an unsuspecting Ratticate getting ruined by Palkia's Spacial Rend.