PokémonRadar, Week 24

English Name: Giratina
Japanse Name: Giratina
Type: Ghost/Dragon
Classification: Rebellion
Pokédex Number: 487 National
Ability: Pressure - Opponent uses 2 PP when attacking
Location Found: Turnback Cave
Useful Attacks: Shadow Force

Off the beaten path in Sinnoh is a hidden road, shrouded in mist. These mists only part for those that have proven their power, and hide an ever-changing subterranean maze. The master of this forbidden labyrinth is Giratina, the spirit of a great Dragon Pokémon... that looks like a giant pharaoh caterpillar. Giratina's unusual type combination makes it weak to only some of the more exotic sorts of attacks, and its varied moveset and impressive stats make it a force to be reckoned with. One only question remains - will this undead dragon grace the cover of the inevitable third Sinnoh adventure?