PokemonRadar, Week 22

English Name: Munchlax
Japanse Name: Gonbe
Type: Normal
Classification: Glutton
Pokédex Number: 112 Sinnoh / 446 National
Ability: Thick Fat - Fire and Ice attacks do 50% damage; Pick Up -  May find items after battle
Location Found: Captured at Aromatic Trees, Bred from Snorlaxes holding Sated Incense
Useful Attacks: Swallow

The star of this 22nd installment of PokemonRadar is Munchlax, the prevolution of fan favorite Snorlax, perhap the most American of Pokemon. Try not to imagine it, but when two of those morbidly obese Pokemon mate in the presence of the Sated Incense, a Munchlax hatches from the resulting egg. Munchlax don't have the bulk to hibernate like their fatty fathers, and so they spend all their time gobbling down food to widen their waistline, so one day they too can spend all day sleeping and obstructing roadways.

Point your eyes below for a custom video of Munchlax in action. To check out previous Pokemon videos, hit the Movies tab above. You can also get caught up on the last 21 weeks of PokemonRadar by clicking here for a list of past installments.



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