PokemonRadar, Week 22

English Name: Phione
Japanese Name: Fione
Type: Water
Classification: Ocean
Pokédex Number: 489 National
Ability: Hydration - Cures status effect on Rainy Days
Location Found: Breed Manaphy with Ditto
Useful Attacks: Water Pulse

By now everyone's heard of Manaphy, the legendary Prince of the Sea. But have you heard of of its illegitimate lovechild, Phione? Manaphy eggs come exclusively from Pokemon Ranger, but there's no reason you can't spread the love around. Phione is a sort of consolation prize Pokemon, obtainable only by breeding Manaphy with a common Ditto. Phione's not a terrible Pokemon, but lacks the stats and a number of that moves that makes Manaphy such a powerful Pokemon. This is a first-of-a-kind Pokemon relationship, as Phione can't evolve into the Pokemon that spawned it.



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