PokemonRadar, Week 22

English Name: Mime Jr.
Japanese Name: Manene
Type: Psychic
Classification: Mime
Pokédex Number: 094 Sinnoh / 439 National
Ability: Soundproof - Sound moves do no damage; Filter - Super Effective attacks do half damage
Location Found: Route 209 and 210, Pokemon Mansion, Breed Mr. Mime while holding Eerie Incense
Useful Attacks: Psychic

One of the weirder and more popular of the original Pokemon Red and Blue was Mr. Mime, a strange Psychic Pokemon that doesn't look nearly as French as you'd think. Enraging religious leaders around the world, even females are misters, and when two meet up near some Eerie Incense a Mime Jr. is born. Juniors evolve into Misters when they learn to Mimic their opponent - what will the Misters evolve into when they learn to walk against the wind? Only Marcel Marceau knows.



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