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Pokemon Ranger Cheats

  • How to Capture a Slowpoke

    First, you have to go to the Grassland Challenge in Wintown. Then find 2 Abra's. Slowpoke should appear near the man who tells you tales.
    Submitted by matthew_curaming

Pokemon Ranger Easter Eggs

  • Get Good Buddies!

    Entry location: Anywhere when you've finished the game
    BLASTOISE: Walk along the edge of the water underneath the lighthouse.

    TYPHLOSION:Go as far southwest as you can in the area of Labyrinth Grove just before you see Gordor. Some bushes will stand out. To get typhlosion cut through them.

    KECLEON: Burn the scrap metal in the dusk factory yard. Kecleon will start walking around the Amity Square. He is invisible, so it's best to use the map to find him.
    Submitted by Mr. Anonymous

Pokemon Ranger Hints

  • Health of All Bosses

    Minel: 3
    Ridon: 8
    Machoke: 9
    Muk: 10
    Marcrow: 7
    Kingdra: 6
    Salimance: 22
    Flaygon: 6
    Charzord: 11
    Slakoff: 12
    Enti: 13
    Scizor: 11
    Stellex: 12
    Charzard: 16
    Submitted by kyle senft
  • Easy way to catch Suicune

    As soon as the battle starts, Suicune makes 2 copies of itself. The real Suicune is the only one with a shadow, so wait till they are close together then use your partner pokemon's poke assist and Suicune will be yours.
    Submitted by a pokemon ranger
  • Capture Mew in Special Missions

    Entry location: Jungle near ancient relic
    In the special missions after you beat the game you can try to catch Mew. It is a psychic Pokemon so you might want to use a bug poke assist. Well don't! Mew will eventually flee and you gotta find it again. Instead go to the Ancient Relic and capture a Shedinja. Its ghost poke assist will stop Mew from escaping and make an easy capture and it keeps Mew from moving around the screen.
    Submitted by Cwf2007
  • Catching the Lengendary Pokemon Deoxys

    Entry location: Ranger Net/ Krokka Tunnel
    When you begin the mission, you see Deoxys transform from Normal Mode to Attack Mode. Go straight and then take a right when you first enter the cave.You will try to capture it, but you won't be able to capture it because you can only capture Deoxys When it's in Normal Mode. You will see Deoxys Transform from Attack Mode to Defense Mode. Then go through the door in front of you. Travel around that area until you find defense Mode Deoxys. You will try to capture it, but again, you will not be able to capture it. Then Deoxys will transform from defense Mode to Speed Mode. Travel to the next room and you will try to capture Speed mode Deoxys.Still you will not be able to capture it. He will transform from Speed Mode to Normal mode. He will escape across a river. Find your way around the river. Once you find Deoxys, you will try to capture it. During the battle, he will transform to any form he has. Get him out of the form it's in by capturing it. It will go back to normal mode. Capture it then and you will get Mission Clear and unlock the rescue Celibi mission in Ranger Net.

    WARNING: In defense Mode Deoxys, it will crawl into a ball and produce a shield. DON'T STOP GOING AROUND DEOXYS WITH YOUR STYLUS! If you keep going around, you will stay on the same number you were on when it produced the shield. The shield will go away in a couple of seconds.

    P.S. You will get a text message somewhere in this special mission from Spenser telling you that you can only catch Deoxys in Normal Mode.
    Submitted by Deoxys Liker
  • How to beat Charizard both Times

    Entry location: Jungle Relic and Sekra Range
    One of the most annoying bosses in the game is the Charizard. You have to capture it two times throughout the game and I'm here to explain any easy way how.

    Wait until Charizard breaths fire into the air and the fireballs fall on the stage. The is where you have to get creative. By purposely running your styler into the fireballs around Charizard you can open up enough room to easily circle him and complete the capture.

    This one is beyond simple. Grab a Poliwhirl on your way up the mountain and hold on to it until you reach the Charizard. Once the capture starts, IMMEDIATELY use Poliwhirl's Poke Assist. With one well place bubble the capture is a cinch. (NOTE: If the Charizard breaks out of the bubble before you have a chance to capture it do not worry; it has a habit of walking around after it breaks out allowing you a few seconds to finish those last couple loops.)
    Submitted by secret searcher
  • Easy Captures

    Entry location: Everywhere
    For easy captures, just keep drawing one-three circles around the pokemon at a time. This will increase your partner pokemon's energy faster. Once the bar(s) is(are) full, use the pokemon assist. This is a good technique for catching hard-to-catch pokemon.
    Submitted by SuperRanger017
  • Get Regirock

    Entry location: Sekra Range after getting to ranger rank 10
    First catch a Poliwhirl,Blaziken and Golem. Go to the giant rock by the Fiore temple doors. Use Golem to smash the rock then use Poliwhirl to make the vine grow. Catch all the gastly then use Blaziken to melt the ice. keep going north until you see Regirock, use a Gastly and capture regirock.
    Submitted by Pokemon Master
  • Capture Entei (Fiore Temple)

    Entry location: Fiore Temple
    When you get to Ranger Rank 10 you will be sent to the Fiore Tmple to stop the Go-Rock Squad. When you get to the summit Gordor have 3 Pokemon with him: Raikou, Suicune, and Entei. Capture Raikou first by using Rock and Ground Poke-assists. Capture Suicune by using a poke-assist and your Plusle or Minun's Discharge. After you capture those to Gordor will step away fom his big machine and start yelling at you and your friend (he didn't even notice Plusle and Minun run over and start jumping on the machine). When the Machne explodes Entei will go wild and attack Gordor. For some reason your friend will say you have to help him. When you capure Entei you MUST have a Vaporeon. Use its Water Poke-Assist to make bubbles. Make a few and shoot them all at Entei. He will be trapped in one and when he gets out there will be another to trap him. Just keep going around until he's captured. CONGRATULATIONS! You've beat Pokemon Ranger!
    Submitted by game freak

Pokemon Ranger Unlockables

  • Manaphy Egg Code

    Entry location: Ranger Net
    To get the Manaphy egg, go to the Ranger Net and hold down R, X, and left on the D-pad to enter a password. Enter P8M2-9D6F-43H7 to unlock a mission. Complete the mission to get the egg.
    Submitted by Mr.Knowings its alls

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