Point Blank review

Made in 1967, this dazzling hallucinatory thriller marked the Hollywood debut of Brit director John Boorman. Walker (Marvin) is double-crossed by his partner Reese (John Vernon) during a robbery, shot at point-blank range and left for dead in a deserted Alcatraz cell. Somehow he survives and, aided by his sister-in-law Chris (Angie Dickinson) and the mysterious Yost (Keenan Wynn), he embarks on a relentless quest for his share of the money from the Organisation - a criminal syndicate for which Reese is working.

Employing a circular, dream-like narrative, Boorman makes brilliant use of an array of locations to create a gleaming, futuristic LA. Packed with startling images, Point Blank succeeds both as a gripping tale of vengeance and as an allegorical portrait of modern American society. Don't wait for it to be revamped and updated into the multiplex-friendly Payback; catch this genuinely classic film in its original, stunning form.


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