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Pogo Island review

Introducing the ultimate collection of C-level shareware, now in portable form


  • Bubble Bobble clone
  • Quick fun
  • Five (casual) games in one


  • The parrot
  • Where's the rest?
  • No multiplayer

Okay, just so we%26rsquo;re all clear, we have no beef with casual games. We loves us some Bejeweled, we can%26rsquo;t wait for Line Rider, and we%26rsquo;ve played the crap out of Xbox LIVE casuals like Zuma and Hexic. In fact, Tetris would probably be considered a casual game if it came out today, and if it wasn%26rsquo;t, its 20 knock-offs would definitely be.

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DescriptionThey're called casual games because they're fun, but simple and usually not worth a lot of money... and that kind of sums up this collection.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date26 March 2007 (US), 26 March 2007 (UK)


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