Pocketbike Racer Cheats

Pocketbike Racer Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by White and Nerdy


    All Tracks

    Parking Lot: Drive Close to the Burger King and find the way in. There should be a set of white cones.

    Backyard Track: 1.When you see the jump with the garage door as a ramp; veer off to the right and follow the sidewalk onto the road. Then get back on the track as normal. 2.On the third dirt mound turn; go strait instead of turning. You will jump over the fence and see the finish line.

    King's Garden: You will see a ramp off to the left about halfway through the track. Use it to jump over the wall and on to the grass(You might need a boost for this). Then go around the turn and jump back onto the track using another ramp.

    Under Construction: When you are almost at the bottom of the course, you will see a hole. Go through it to gain a few spots. There are also several jumps that you can use as shortcuts.

    Fantasy Ranch: When you are on the main wooden section of the track you will make a right turn. When you make this turn, go on the dirt part of the track off on the right. You should see a cave. Go through it. It will take you out at a jump so be prepared to get back on track.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by 123 abc

    Better Turns

    Here is how to not loose speed or crash in to walls on a turns: When you get to a sharp turn press A and you should turn really quick. Don't hold it for too long or you will loose your control over the bike.