PlayStation Network delivers the goods

PS2 system data
This new, free utility emulates the old PlayStation 2 HDD drive and sets aside a section of your PlayStation 3’s HD for use with PS2 HDD games (such as - and pretty much only - Final Fantasy XI). Don’t want to play FFXI? Don’t bother with this.

Blu-ray trailers
Not really "Blu-ray" trailers at all but hi-def trailers of films available on Blu-ray, presented in MP4 (i.e. worse than actual Blu-ray) quality. They look OK, but nowhere near as good as the actual discs.

Game trailers
Videos of games in action. Ideal for checking out Store games before deciding to buy them.

Game demos
Playable demos of PS3 games, including those available to buy and download via the Store.

Downloadable games
The first crop are a decent bunch with prices ranging from $2.99 (for the Sudoku Packs) through to $9.99 for Cash Guns Chaos.

PSone games for PSP
All are just $5.99 - a bargain - with lots more to come, Sony tells us.


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