PlayStation Network delivers the goods

It’s a little chunky - particularly if you’re in the standard def TV mode - but it looks and works just fine. There are sections entitled Featured (which is the place to go for new content), Blu-ray trailers (movie trailers), Game trailers (movies of games), Game demos (playable demos) and Downloadable Games (full games to buy, including the PSone PSP games). And finally there’s All (which is everything on the store racked up in alphabetical order). A click adds them to your shopping cart.

Go through to the checkout and Buy them, and your account (i.e. the credit card you entered when you signed up for your user ID) will be billed and an email receipt sent to you. Simple. One bad thing is that if you’re downloading more than one thing you can’t just hit Download and go away - each item you’ve paid for needs clicking for "Download." Expect later firmware fixes to remove such minor gripes shortly.


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