Play Crackdown 2, unlock Agent 4 in Perfect Dark

If Perfect Dark detects a Crackdown 2 save, you get to play as Agent 4

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Rare has recently revealed that Agent 4, a special Crackdown 2 character, will be playable in the Xbox LIVE version of Perfect Dark. If you play Crackdown 2 and save your game, Perfect Dark will detect your save and unlock Agent 4 as a playable character.

“When Perfect Dark detects a Crackdown 2 save file on your device, it’ll automatically make Agent 4 available for use in the Perfect Dark Combat Simulator (aka the multiplayer modes),” says Rare.

Crackdown 2 releases on July 6 in North America and on July 9 in Europe. Come back to GamesRadar on Monday, July 5 to read our Crackdown 2 review.

July 2, 2010