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Pitball Cheats

  • Full Inventory:

    On the map screen, move the arrow so that it's pointing at you, andthen press start. As the camera rotates, press L1, S, X and O simultaneously. You'll now have all weapons (press T to ensure).
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  • Health Refill:

    Press S and L2 to perform a back flip; during this, press D, X and R2 simultaneously and you'll be revitalised.
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  • Invincibility:

    On the weapons select menu, select the frying pan and return to thegame. Now return to the weapon select menu, press O and R1 to increment the selected weapon until you get 999 on your health counter.
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  • Ammo Refill:

    Get in the FOOT MODE. Do a backflip by pressing S and L1.During the backflip (before you land) press R, X and O at the same time.Now all of your weapons should have a weapon count.
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  • See Final Sequence:

    Select Load Game and then press and hold R, then press S and L to cancel.Now press S and L at the same time, then release. Press T to cancel.You'll now be able to view the final Kitchen scene.
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  • Stage Select:

    On the main screen, press L1, L2, R1, R2 and Up, at the same time, thenrelease. Press O to start a new game. At the difficulty screen pressL1, L2, R1, R2 and D together. Choose your difficulty level and the stageselect screen will appear.
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  • Health Refill:
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