Pirates of the Caribbean Online

If you’re looking for a family friendly massively multiplayer RPG (MMORPG) with characters your kids will actually recognize and care about, Pirates of the Caribbean is shaping up to be exactly what the doctor ordered. Especially if you’ve got kids old enough to think that cartoons just aren’t that cool anymore.

While Pirates is an MMO, it would play almost exactly the same as a single-player game. While you can chat with other folks and put together a player-based crew for your seafaring adventures, Pirates ’ main focus is mostly on single-player story missions that generally begin and end with your character interacting with various personalities from the films – follow Jack Sparrow as you escape from prison; learn to sword fight from Will Turner; ogle Elizabeth... you get the idea.

So while you do want to concentrate a bit on finding unique booty and socializing with your fellow pirate swine, doing so isn’t going to have a huge impact on your experience outside of the odd group activity; or if you like, you can consider this as one, giant, Pirate-themed chat room.

It is fun to put a group of people together to crew your ship, though. Or to just take part in crewing another ship. The game has some real-time combat in that you can get on a deck cannon and try to bust holes in opposing ships, as they attempt to do the same to you. It’s a fun way to just waste time in between the actual story missions.


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