Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - hands-on

We were able to get a look at a location from the third film in - spoiler alert - Singapore. For some reason, Will, Elizabeth and Barbossa are hanging out together. We didn’t get any plot details, but we were shown where other items such as knifes or grenades come into play. You don’t have an inventory in Pirates, so whenever you find one of these weapons, you can use them almost immediately. Toss a knife at an enemy and it’ll stick in him. Maybe he’ll pull it out and toss it aside or you’ll be able to take it from his dead body. Also, grenade-throwing is similar to Gears of War where you’ll see a similar targeting trajectory system. Nice touches. Check out our run-through of the Singapore level below.

Your love of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will likely dictate whether you play this game or not. As a movie tie-in, it’s shaping up to complement the films and Disney Interactive has worked hard to ensure that it plays well. We’ll have a review closer to the game’s release on May 22, just days before At World’s End hits theaters. In the meantime, click on the Images tab for all kinds of pirate booty.



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