Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - hands-on

Your basic attacks are sword fighting, punching and grabbing; the latter is useful for chucking pirates at each other or just straight-up grabbing and pummeling. There is no block button, but sometimes a red-circle indicator will appear below an enemy about to strike. This is when you flick the analog stick in their direction and hit one of the attack buttons which parry’s their blow and counter-attacks. Mixing up moves raises your swordsmanship meter, which let’s you perform finishing moves. Once it fills, hold the Left Trigger and hit an attack and Turner will stun a foe, and then plunge his sword through his chest. We’re told the three main characters - Jack, Will and Elizabeth - will all have four finishers by the end of the game.

After we fight our way through loads of henchmen through the hull of Davy’s wonderfully detailed ship, we came upon his organ. The developers have taken a few artistic liberties with scenes from the film, so instead of a stealth level where you sneak up on Jones and steal his key to the Dead Man’s Chest, you’ll have to find sheet music to play the notes yourself. This means fighting more pirates to get the music, but it’s way cooler than sneaking up on ‘em. Peep our custom video below for more on this level.


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