Phoenix rises

We quite liked the on-rails levels last year - the dragon chase, the swimming and so on. Will they return?

Manning: Order of the Phoenix is more of a mission-based experience where the player can choose where they go and when they go there. There is always choice. The only times where the game becomes linear are for specific movie-based highlight moments such as when Fred and George fly out of Hogwarts.

Will the next-gen versions be pretty ports of the PS2 game? How are you incorporating the Wii-mote?

Manning: We have focused a lot of attention on PS2, because that’s where our main audience is. On the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, it’s more about a richer graphical experience. That said, the Wii version is looking fantastic. We have really cracked the gesture-based spell casting using the Wii Remote. For the first time, you can wave your wand for real.

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