Phoenix rises

What are the main set-pieces of the film you’re planning to concentrate on?

Manning: We are including all the main set-pieces from the film: Little Whinging and the Dementor attack, Grimmauld Place, Fred and George’s escape from Hogwarts and all the action at the Ministry of Magic. We are also including various missions around the Room of Requirement.

Will Goblet’s Harry, Ron and Hermione co-op be retained for Phoenix?

Manning: For Order of the Phoenix we are focusing our attention on making a great single-player game that addresses all of our fan and gamer feedback. We are also letting you play key missions during the game as other characters, including Fred and George, Sirius Black and Dumbledore.

Spell-casting worked well in Goblet. Any plans to overhaul or tinker with it?

Manning: We are definitely keeping the physical magic that we developed last year with some significant enhancements. You will have six exploration spells and seven combat spells.


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