Phoenix rises

We sat down for a chat with Justin Manning, Associate Producer for The Order of the Phoenix from EA’s UK studio to find out all the latest gossip surrounding the darkest Harry Potter novel so far…

We loved the way Bully presented the chance to explore a school - can we do that in Order of the Phoenix?

Manning: The biggest feedback we get from the fans is that they wanted to be able to explore Hogwarts. With this mind, the game still has the narrative thread from the movie, but the player can select to do the wide variety of missions in any order. Explore the world to find the mission givers and then explore even further to complete the tasks/missions for them. Another important element for fans is the ability to explore the world with magic; this doesn’t mean just casting spells in specific locations according to your mission requirements, it means discovering the enchanted nature of the castle. So, you can cast your spells on every item in the world and it will react.


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