Phantasy Star Universe

You're also followed by a robotic helper, but its advanced features, such as helping you in battle or synthesizing items and weapons, only evolve after you raise it, unlocking its potential. Micromanagement and item hoarding is still a distinct possibility; it's just up to you ho much you indulge your instincts. Your character's abilities are guided by your hand, so putting thought into the way you play the game, and the needs of your party, is as key as in any other online game.

No, the core concept here is not originality. The idea, instead, is to offer something polished, ultra-playable, addictive, and gorgeous. Every indication we've had so far, including laying hands on the game at a couple of different trade shows, leads us to believe that Sega is well on the way to this goal. Phantasy Star Online, which explorers enjoyed on the Dreamcast and GameCube, was a well-crafted, enjoyable game. With all of those lessons learned and brought forward in a full-on new game on the more popular platforms of PS2 and PC, there's little reason to expect anything but the best.


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