PGR 3's Hot New Wheels

While the Speed Pack is an optional download, a mandatory update will push a few tweaks to all PGR 3 players - but really, it's for everybody's own good. "We’ve made the Online Professional Achievement much easier to get, and there’s now an option to turn off the heads-up display during a race," says Ward. "There’s been some tweaking of the Live matchmaking system to make it more accurately match up online competitors according to their skill. Also, we’ve taken a look at car-to-car collisions to ensure that they’re a lot less unpredictable … hopefully, gamers will find that they don’t spin out as much as before."

Ward notes that many of these improvements and adjustments come straight from player requests, and interacting with the fans is all part of the fun. "We’re really proud of our community, and we’re always surprised to see what crazy new stuff they’ve come up with," he says. "Quite a few guys and gals on our forum take part in regular time trial challenges - organized through the forums - and loads of people watch Gotham TV regularly."

Both the Speed Pack and the mandatory update are available now via Xbox Live.

April 19, 2006


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