Peter Jackson abandons God?

Peter Jackson has been talking up his adaptation of Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones to anyone who’ll listen – stopping off at the USA Today offices with a giftwrapped picture of Bones' murderer George Harvey (Stanley Tucci) and, more importantly, some choice quotes.

Because Jackson has revealed something startling to them.

You may remember that last year production of Bones shut down, because Jackson couldn’t decide how to depict heaven . Well, it seems he’s decided to dodge the issue. Spoilers follow after the picture of Tucci.

"It's God-less in the sense that when Susie dies, she finds herself caught in a place between Earth and heaven — she is in an 'In-Between,' as Alice Sebold calls it." When she moves on, "we're happy for audiences to imagine this new world in whatever way makes them comfortable."

So, it sounds like The Lovely Bones will have a scene a bit like the one at the end of Ghost, where Sam is surrounded by friendly spirits and a lovely white light, and not one like in What Dreams Will Come where heaven is a painting or whatever.

[Source: USA Today ]

Do you think Bones sounds lovely? Has Peter Jackson copped out? Tell us below!



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